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South West Winos is a pandemic proof, online wine shop.

While we escaped the worst ravages of COVID 19, the pandemic still had a profound impact on our region. During lockdown, I wanted to support as many local businesses as I could. I believed that if we all took little steps and changed even ONE of our spending habits, the knock-on effect could be phenomenal.

I also needed to buy wine online.

Loads of online wine shops sold South West wines alongside their interstate and international offerings. Barred from visiting cellar doors, I needed to buy a minimum of six bottles to have home delivery.

What I wanted was, ‘a Chardy from there, a Cab Sav from here, and ohhh… that Pinot Gris from over there.’  I want to pick and mix my favourite South West drops. AND to lessen my lockdown blues, I wanted to experiment.

So here we are. South West Winos is my lockdown brainchild.

Winemaking is a labour of love, and many small producers are also small businesses. They don’t have the distribution networks that support larger, often internationally owned producers.

I’m putting my decades of sales and marketing, and hospitality experience to work to change that. South West Winos exists to connect local winemakers with local wine lovers.

About me

I’m a conscientious consumer.  I like to know where my food and wine comes from, and I love to know exactly who grew it and how it was made.  Growing up on a farm in Tasmania, I ate raspberries fresh off the bush and snacked on carrots pulled from the ground.

As a grown-up working for a top-quality West Australian meat wholesaler, ensuring that our meat was raised and processed with integrity was everything.

I know what it takes to build a thriving enterprise. South West Winos is my first solo venture, but I’ve helped a dozen small and medium-sized regional businesses do really well.

Many independent winemakers must tend their vines, do everything else it takes to make their precious products, and manage their marketing and administration.  Buy their wine, and you’re supporting a local family, boosting a small business, and bolstering our community against the economic shock of a global pandemic.

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m fiercely proud of our gifted South West winemakers and our resilient local businesses and communities.

A gazillion thanks

I’m buoyed up by the huge wave of support that’s helped me launch South West Winos.

To our local winemakers who trust me to market your beautiful wine, I’m honoured to partner with each of you to build your brand and grow your base of lovely loyal customers.

To all of the cellar door teams and viticulturalists who’ve shared precious intell on what makes our South West wine so special, I’m grateful for your expertise and generous support.

To my digital dream team, Jules Rick, designer and developer at Web and Print Hub in Eaton, Mary Cameron, copywriter at  The Wrinkly Writer, a former South West local now living in France, I say,  ‘top job ladies.‘

To my cheer squad of friends and family, especially my darling husband Chris, huge hugs to all of you for believing in all of this.

Finally, to you, dear wine loving reader, for rocking up at this blog and reading until the end. Here’s to you, go ahead and mix with best.

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